Alexander Rodchenko about Paris. From «Letters home».
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Alexander Rodchenko about Paris. From «Letters home».
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The article is devoted to the analysis of the letters of A.M. Rodchenko, which were written by him in Paris during the preparation of the pavilion of the Soviet Union for the International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts in 1925. The «new Soviet man's» perception of the culture of the Western world is being studied. Letters help to comprehend not only the European, but also the Soviet world of the period of the 1920s.

December 5, 2021 will be the anniversary of the birth of Alexander Mikhailovich Rodchenko: 130 years! The round date, as well as the growing interest in everyday history, is due to the relevance of this article. The novelty is the interpretation of this source in the context of Alexander Rodchenko's views on Paris.

Researchers turn to letters exclusively to study the Paris exhibition, bypassing Rodchenko's most interesting assessments and opinions regarding the alien and incomprehensible Western world.

Rodchenko visited France for the first time and was extremely dissatisfied with it. He was uncomfortable, lonely, trying to distract himself from the alien world, he almost daily wrote letters to his wife Varvara Stepanova in Russia. The time frame of the Paris letters written by him dates from March 19 to June 14. Rodchenko stayed in France for about three months, having written 52 letters during this time. In 1927, they were partially published in the journal «Novy LEF». Their full publication took place only in 2014. I would like to note that the originals of the documents, apparently, are kept in the family's personal archive. For publication , they were provided by A. Lavrentiev, grandson of Rodchenko and Stepanova.

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