“Nobility of the Ignoble” Heraldic Identification on the Example of Danish Order Armorers
“Nobility of the Ignoble” Heraldic Identification on the Example of Danish Order Armorers
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This article is devoted to analysis of the coats of arms of the knights of the Danish orders of the Elephant and Dannebrog, who did not belong to the nobility. The research material was the coats of arms of two types: heads of states and scientists and cultural figures. In the coats of arms of the first type, the role of personal coats of arms was often performed by state coats of arms. In other cases, there is a noticeable rethinking of the figures of the state coats of arms, as well as a significant place belongs to the “vowels” coats of arms. The coats of arms of scientists and cultural figures, first of all, reflected their professional activities, and the ways of this reflection were very diverse. These examples show how the heraldry of the “ignoble” was created in the twentieth century.

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Evgeny Pchelov
Senior Research Fellow of Institute of Science and Technology History, Russian Academy of Sciences. Head of the Department of Auxiliary Historical Disciplines and Archaeography of the Historical and Archival Institute of the Russian State University for t

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