“Colonial Nationalism” in the U.S. Press Assessments
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“Colonial Nationalism” in the U.S. Press Assessments
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The article is devoted to the problem of formation of approaches and assessments of a problem of nationalism in the colonies after 1945 in the US press. One of the important results of the World War II was the gradual disintegration of the colonial empires linked with the growth of national movements and a significant weakening of metropolitan powers after the war. The process of disintegration of colonial empires coincided with the genesis of the new global confrontation between the former Allies. The Cold War and the search for the optimal relations with the closest ally of the USA — Great Britain — required new approaches and views on the decolonization process. At the same time, ambitions of the White House, which on the one hand supported disintegration of colonial empires, and on the other — diligently tried to replace the former empires by itself led to a number of contradictions with the European states.
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Sergey Buranok
Samara State University of Social Sciences and Education

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