Mascapaycha in Emblematics of the Colonial Peru
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Mascapaycha in Emblematics of the Colonial Peru
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The article focuses on the role and value of the main regalia of the supreme Incas and their descendants — the crown mascapaycha for autochthonous nobility Peru of Colonial era. Among other regalias, remaining practically unchanged, mascapaycha has undergone many changes, both in form and in its perception of Peruvian society. One reason for this could be that the historical memory of regalias of their ancestors was largely lost by the Incas in the 18 century. Mascapaycha in the eyes of the population of Viceroyalty of Peru was not only the main insignia of the supreme Inca and their descendants, at the same time one of the main figures of their coats of arms, and remained so, even when it was outside of the context surrounding of the Incas heraldry space, but only in their emblematic surroundings.
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Kirill Elokhin
Research Fellow of the Institute of World History. State Academic University for the Humanities Graduate
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