Soviet-Japanese War, 1945. The Manchurian Operation
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Soviet-Japanese War, 1945. The Manchurian Operation
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The article devoted to the capitulation of Japanese Empire, that was the Nazi Germany last associate. The author of the article discusses the reasons for the entry of the Red Army in the war against the Far Eastern aggressor and the relationship between the Great Patriotic War and the Soviet-Japanese War in 1945 of the entry of the Soviet Union in fighting in the region, according to the authors, explained as fidelity to the USSR its debt to the Allies, and the state of the imperial armed forces. The main attention is paid to the preparation of the Manchurian Strategic Offensive Operation, during which two weeks was defeated millionth Kwantung Army — the main forces outside Tokyo Japanese islands, and the emperor was forced to make a decision on surrender.
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Yuri Nikiforov
Sholokhov Moscow State University for the Himanities. Senior Research Fellow of the Institute of World History
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