How to construct messages in verses? “Lessons of Prokhor Kolomniatin”
How to construct messages in verses? “Lessons of Prokhor Kolomniatin”
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Monk Prokhor Kolomniatin is little-known person for contemporary human studies. He is the author-composer of two miscellanies. One of them had been done for school teaching purpose, the other — to teach writing messages in verses. The article studies the origin of these miscellanies and analyses its content. The author stresses the importance of such messages, which had a request for protection as a necessary part. Asking protection through messages was an effective traditional system in the field of social relations, especially for young people. Prokhor's teaching work was one of the first aiming not only salvation of the pupils soles, but their socialization in society. The same trend, had been carried out by Exactly this trend was continued in the Petrine textbook “The fair mirror of youth”, though in different manner.
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Olga Kosheleva
Senior Research Fellow of the Institute of World History RAS
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