Swedish historiography of immigration problems in the second half of the XX century
Swedish historiography of immigration problems in the second half of the XX century
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Mass immigration into Sweden started after the World War II, and, since 1960th became a noticeably social problem in the country. Since the last fifty years the scientific literature on topics related to immigration is a large part of the research publications, official issues, and memoirs. Since mid-60th appeared the first articles on foreign workers in Sweden, and soon they were followed with studies written by sociologists and ethnologists, theses on immigrants’ life in Swedish surrounding. Since 70th, started to publish the researches on immigration policy in general and on various expatriate communities living in Sweden, that reflected the deepening character of immigration issues being traced the situation with various age, educational, and gender groups. Besides the Swedes, the authors of these issues are often the representatives of these national minorities that became the researchers in the Swedish universities. A significant part of these authors consider that indigenous population, the Swedes, are also experiencing shock because of the outrush of immigration that is changing the structure of their homeland population during the last thirty years, in the face of a single generation. They demand the changes in the integration policy, efficient forms of the counter-segregation struggle and overcoming the invisible border between “we” and “they”. The migration processes in Europe and the Swedish reality of the 20th century last decades stimulated the increased attention of scientists to the issues of Swedish mentality, its features, keeping the national traditions, and mutual awareness of the Swedes and immigrants, and the reasons of adaptation hardships of the “new Swedes”. A substantial source for the researching a problem of immigration as a two cultures clash are books of interviews published by the specialists in ethnology, sociology and the journalists involved in these aspects. Significant part of the Swedish researchers’ issues is concentrated around the Muslims in Sweden. Basing upon the facts of the second and the third generation of Muslims modern living, many of the renown experts in this area make their conclusion that the Islam acquires ground in Sweden, gradually adjusting to the local conditions. A subject of an immigrant in the Swedish society finds recognition in various artworks written by some immigrants that became well-known Swedish authors. These artworks are a special sources that were composed with personal experience and can be a valuable manual to research the psychological adaptation for the Swedish reality and intrafamilial collisions caused by immigration. Every Swedish university has the research center specialized on various immigration aspects and these researches’ results are constantly being published.
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Olga Tchernysheva
Senior Research Fellow of the Institute of World History
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