Road to the alliance between Russia and Sweden (1809–1812)
Road to the alliance between Russia and Sweden (1809–1812)
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In this article it is shown the initial stage of process of the rapprochement of Russia and Sweden after the end of the war 1808-1809 which resulted in the eve of the Patriotic was 1812, in April 5, 1812 to the conclusion of the allied Russian-Swedish treaty that became Napoleon’s first defeat on the diplomatic front. In the center of attention are the events of 1810-1811: the attitude of the Russian Alexander I to the election of the French marshal Jean-Baptiste-Jules Bernadotte as the Swedish successor to the throne (Swedish name: Karl Johan), an establishment of the contacts between Alexander and Karl Johan first in the personal correspondence. That was an important factor on the closer relation and alliance between the two states.
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Vadim Roginskij
Senior Research Fellow of Instiute of World History
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