The reason
The reason
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This article represents the short review of Ignasi Beld's book «Reason, machines and mathematics. Artificial intelligence and its tasks» / translation from Spanish. - Moscow: De Agostini, 2014. Follows from the name of the book that the book is devoted to the «Reason» concept, but what is it - remained unknown after acquaintance to this book. This work is popular introduction to a subject of artificial intelligence. In Russia there are many experts (we call only V. L. Makarov and D. V. Pospelov), who could write similar introduction not worse, and, perhaps, more better. This book contains a short list and the description of the main objectives and methods of artificial intelligence. However in these descriptions some important points are missed. This descriptions are stated in the books published in Soviet period and will be hardly republished. In this article we briefly will stop on some of them.
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Timur Gataullin
Professor of department of Mathematical methods in economy and management FSBEI HPE (Federal State-Financed Educational Institution of Higher Professional Education) «State University of Management»
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