Foreign Policy Perspectives of Russian Federation after Presidental Elections
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Foreign Policy Perspectives of Russian Federation after Presidental Elections
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Presidential elections in Russia were held on the 18th of March, 2018. Even before the elections no one in the expert community really doubted that Vladimir Putin will be re-elected. According to VTSIOM, 5 days before the elections, he had a 7-fold advantage over Pavel Grudinin – his closest rival to this post. The results of the Presidential elections just confirmed this prediction: 76, 6% of votes were given to Putin, and he was re-elected on the 4th Presidential tern. His great popularity among the electorate had moderated some negligible violations of the democratic procedure of the election campaign (the absence of an officially announced election program and Putin’s non participation in Presidential debates). Now the expert community will have to assess Russia's foreign policy considering the changes that are taking place and will further happen all over the world at the global and regional level. In this regard, the article analyzes the geopolitical interests of Russia as President Putin sees them. The author identifies the main limitations of Russia’s foreign policy goals and, on this basis, gives the pattern of Russian strategy in the world regions for the near future.