Expansion of the network of state legal bureaus to protect the rights of socially unprotected citizens: for or against?
Expansion of the network of state legal bureaus to protect the rights of socially unprotected citizens: for or against?

The article analyzes the arguments of representatives of the legal community against the widespread creation of state legal bureaus in all subjects of the Russian Federation to provide free legal assistance and protect the rights of socially unprotected citizens. The fears mentioned in them are recognized as insignificant. It is concluded that the existence in Russia of a mixed model of legal assistance (lawyer and HUB) has more advantages than the possible negative consequences indicated in the negative arguments given. With this in mind, some proposals were made to improve the legal regulation of the activities of state legal bureaus, increasing the level of protection of their participants.

About authors
Liliya V. Borisova
senior researcher, Civil Law and civil procedure Department
Institute of State and Law of the Russian Academy of Sciences

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