In search of equilibrium state at the spatial dispersed markets with imperfect competition of a uniform product
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In search of equilibrium state at the spatial dispersed markets with imperfect competition of a uniform product
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The author analyzes the dispersed economic systems – dispersed markets. Subjects of these markets are producers, consumers and dealers of a uniform product. Goods from the producer reach consumers by means of a commodity – money exchanges. Models of the dispersed markets with the perfect competition are described as the systems of the nonlinear equations of the theory hydraulic networks. To create the models of the imperfect competition subjects at the markets are described as extreme tasks. Balance ratios of an exchange (balance condition) of the subjects are also described by extreme tasks. We receive the new network game – a theoretical task unknown earlier. It describes interaction of the subjects both in the local markets of knots of a network, and between the subjects of markets of various knots. Changing leaders of exchange at the local markets, we receive a full range of structures of interaction of the economic system subjects’ – from the markets of perfect competition to the markets of centralized management. Algorithms of search of equilibrium state are given for the structures in concern. Implementation of these the algorithms for the computer gives the tool to analyze the specific economic systems of the considered type.
About authors
Aleksey Kovalenko
Samara National Research University named after academician S.P. Koroleva

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